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Took some photos today - Location is upper kemp Town, Brighton.

a bright wall in a dark room.: 5 Perfect Uses of Music


by Andrew Root

Film scores and soundtracks can be cynically derided as telling the audience what to feel; a cheap shortcut to poignancy or a false sense of excitement. It’s kind of an unjust argument. The music is meant to enhance and support the emotion of a scene. Simply put, that’s its job….

Steve Schnur is the Worldwide Executive for EA Games. In this clip, Schnur recommends that artists and composers who are interested in getting their music into video games should always be networking, playing live, and creating a buzz about their band. For composers, Schnur recommends that composers get agents to represent them and build their connections.

Danny Elfman on his music. working with Tim Burton, following his intuition… Inspirational!

Some tips from the old and new in film composing with the loveable Randy Newman!  RT